The Jackal Prophecy

Everyone receives a Prophecy on their eighteenth birthday. Some are good, some are bad, most are ordinary. But not Isilde's.

The Nemesis is returning. He is returning, and there is no one with the power to stop him but the Jackal.

But the Jackal is trapped, bound in limbo with his soul locked away inside a magical amulet. The only way to free the Jackal is to destroy the amulet-and the only one with the power to destroy it is Isilde.

Thrust into a mission for which she feels completely inadequate, Isilde must find the amulet and destroy it before the servants of the Nemesis can destroy her instead. But how could anyone, least of all an ordinary girl, ever hope to accomplish a feat even the legendary Three Seers of old had been killed trying to do?

She has no idea what to expect, but nothing she could possibly imagine could prepare her for what lies in store.