The Prisoner

Rayin, a young nurse in a military hospital, has her hands full caring for men wounded in the war. But when she is assigned the task of taking food and water to captured enemy soldiers, she finds there the last thing she would ever have expected-and her life suddenly becomes a lot more complicated.

There is also a paperback version for $6 (to cover printing cost) here

The Cracked Black Crock-Pot

Having wrestled with my conscience for some time, I finally defeated it, went over to the Dark Side, and decided to unleash the greatest horror man has ever known upon the unsuspecting public.

But don’t worry, it’s free!

Additional credit, whether they want to admit it or not, goes to Jared Chapman and Tom Bishop.

P.S. Please read all warning labels carefully prior to use.

The Cracked Black Crock-Pot II

Every great story must have a lame sequel.

However, since the original wasn’t even remotely good, much less great, it follows that the sequel might actually be better, right?

Don’t get your hopes up. The Cracked Black Crock-Pot 2 reaches new depths of idiocy, employing everything from particle physics to Chuck Norris jokes. You may not have thought it possible, but this story is, indeed, even worse than the first one.

Deleted Scenes

So you know how movies have deleted scenes on the DVD, right? Well, I thought to myself, why not include deleted scenes from books?


These scenes can contain significant plot points. Please do NOT read them unless you have already read the book!