When Vaelon opened the door, he found himself looking down at a young Elven girl—no older than nine or ten, from her looks. She was soaked to the bone and shivering violently, staring up at him with wide, dark green eyes. Her reddish black hair was disheveled, strands of it crossing her face in wild patterns that made her look almost like a drowned cat—and yet utterly failed to hide the striking, almost surreal grace of her features, an innocent beauty that was somehow both childlike and beyond her years. He was so startled that he didn’t speak, and then the girl spoke instead.

“My name is Reiyalindis Amarainein,” she said, her young voice broken, “and I am alone.”

The Ashen Swarm

Six years have passed.

The young seeress Reiyalindis Amarainein has not had a vision since the day she was freed from Alhalon the Black’s curse. Now a young woman, she is content with the simple, peaceful life she shares with her adoptive parents.

But all that changes one night as her dreams again grow troubled, warning of another threat to Rimurea—a much older and much more dangerous threat than the Sanretsu.

Taken beyond her homeland and hunted by a ruthless assassin, Reiyalindis must unravel the mysteries of the world’s oldest race before it is too late.

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